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Frågor & svar

Här finner du vanliga frågor & svar 

  • How do I know what maintenance my boat needs?
    It is always a good idea to start reading instruction/service books of your chosen boat and engine manufacturer to get a basic knowledge. You can also contact us to find a level of maintenance/service that suits you and your boat. We always recommend that you hand in your boat & engine at a professional boat repair shop to keep the value in your boat. If you want to avoid the trouble and know that your boat will be looked after in the absolute best way, you can be full service customer< a href="" target="_blank">. It is the most popular package solution among our customers . As a full-service customer, you don't have to worry about your boat's maintenance/service, knowing that it will be looked after in the absolute best way.
  • Jag har precis köpt en ny båt. Kan ni lära mig hur den funkar?
    Det är säljarens ansvar att instruera dig om hur din nya båt fungerar och dess funktioner. Givetvis om du ställer frågan till oss så skall vi försöka hjälpa till med den erfarenhet vi har.
  • I am interested in buying a boat but feel unsure about boating
    Owning a boat is a responsibility you should be aware of, at the same time it is for us and many others the highlight of the summer and something you cannot imagine living without. At Bjäremarin, part of our business concept is to be able to help you with everything related to your boating life. When you are thinking of buying a new boat and are close to a full-service marine center such as Bjäremarin, it is a fantastic location to embark on life with a boat. It not only gives the freedom to always get help, but also to be able to feel completely safe that everything is in order and to have a partner who is always there to support you. Through our full service solution, it is safe and easy to own a boat. Read more here
  • In case of a sales request, do you buy or sell my boat?
    We do both. When we have received a sales request and information about your boat, we calculate the most profitable option for you.
  • What do you charge?
    Boat brokerage: To broker your boat, we take a percentage commission which is based on the value of the boat. The advantage of this option is that we will sell your boat for as high as the market allows for the profitability of both parties. If your boat is not sold or if you regret it, it costs nothing. We have no start-up fees or hidden costs. Buy a boat: We can often buy your boat e.g. ex. if you want to exchange your existing boat for one of ours in stock, or upon special request. The advantage of this option is that you get the money in the account immediately.
  • När betalar ni mig?
    Via båtförmedling: Slututbetalning till dig som ägare av båten sker inom 10 bankdagar från det att båten är levererad. Via sälj till Bjäremarin: När vi har mottagit båt & tillbehör så får du betalt direkt.
  • Which boats do you buy/sell?
    No request is wrong. However, we are primarily interested in boats that have a good service history, and are at most 15 years old. We do not buy non-CE marked boats or renovation objects.
  • Why should I sell my boat at Bjäremarin?
    More than the more obvious factor of security in letting a boat broker sell your boat, here are some advantages: Higher sale value - Leaving the sale to a boat broker means in almost all cases a higher sale value. It depends on i.a. that we offer buyers inspection of the boat, financing, insurance, provision of transport, etc. Mortgaged boat - There is no register today where you can see if a boat is mortgaged. This is one of the many reasons that many people choose to buy a boat through a boat broker because the responsibility for ensuring that the boat is not mortgaged upon handover lies with the boat broker. Simplicity & security - You hand over your boat on a sales mission where both parties profit by selling your boat for the highest possible value. This makes it affordable and easy for you to sell your boat. Buying a used boat - Many people today choose not to buy a used boat from private individuals. This is largely because hidden damage can quickly become more expensive to repair than the value of the boat. Buying a boat from a boat broker like Bjäremarin always gives you the security that the used boat you buy is inspected by professionals. Option to trade in - You always have the option to trade in your existing boat for one of ours for sale.
  • My boat is not working. Can I still sell it to you?
    We do not buy boats that are defective, however, we can take the boat into our workshop and carry out the necessary repairs/service, and then sell the boat. However, we always consider the value of the boat against our work effort to get the boat back into salable condition, and should we judge that the deal is not profitable for you, we will inform you of this.
  • What is included in the purchase?
    When you buy a boat from us, a set of bumpers/fenders is always included and we offer favorable prices for those who wish to buy additional accessories. All our boats are delivered newly inspected, and declared by a seller.
  • Vilka garantier ingår?
    Alla båtar vi säljer är varudeklarerade. Beroende på vilken båt du är intresserade av finns det olika villkor, men det som gäller för din båt framgår alltid tydligt i deklarationen. Skulle det finnas några problem med båten som vår säljare har sagt att det inte är så kommer vi självklart att åtgärda dessa med snarast möjliga verkan, helt utan kostnad.
  • Can I insure my boat with you?
    Yes, we offer both insurance for your boat and your trailer in collaboration with Atlantica boat insurance. Contact us and we will get back with a quote.
  • Can I finance my boat purchase with you?
    Yes, and we offer one of the lowest interest rates on the market. Often the advertisement states a monthly cost. This is based on a 20% cash deposit and installments of 180/month. You can always contact your seller to get a tailored installment plan that suits you and your finances.
  • Can you help me if I buy a new boat?
    Of course! In addition to selling boats, engines and trailers, we at Bjäremarin are an authorized full-service boat workshop, which means that we offer all marine service services under one roof - always of the highest possible quality. Please read more on our website or contact us here
  • What do I do if I am dissatisfied with my boat purchase?
    Contact us and we will of course try to help you so that you are satisfied. Should that still not help, we can always help you with the sale of your boat or if you want to exchange it for some of ours in stock.
  • What documents do you need to complete a boat purchase?
    When you buy a boat from Bjäremarin, you don't need to think about getting the right documentation. It is our responsibility as sellers to ensure that all documentation is attached.
  • How do I book jobs?
    The easiest way depends on whether you are a new customer with us or an existing one: New customer: Fill in your information via our quote form. Here we collect information about you and your boat in order to be able to provide a price quote: Get a quote here Existing customer: When we already have your information, all you have to do is contact us. The easiest way to book work is to email us at It is also fine to call us.
  • What guarantees do you provide?
    You have the right to cancel the repair or work before it begins. If a work or repair is found to have been carried out incorrectly, we will rectify it free of charge. In e.g. request for a repair, we will discourage you from ordering the service from us if it cannot be of reasonable benefit to you.
  • What are your payment options?
    For larger works, or in connection with winter storage, it is most common with an invoice. For workshop visits, it is usually card payment or Swish.
  • Do I need to order spare parts?
    No, you do not need to order any parts for a job that we will carry out. We only use original parts for your boat that are ordered from our suppliers to be able to guarantee the quality of our work.
  • How long will the work that I have ordered take?
    It depends on what is ordered. For example. a normal service takes an average of 1 day for us to perform. If it is a different type of work and we cannot give an answer immediately, we will keep in active contact to update you on the status.
  • Can I buy spare parts or boat accessories from you?
    In connection with e.g. a sale you can buy for accessories, but we do not work with the sale of spare parts/accessories to end customers. Then we would like to recommend a marine actor who does exactly this instead, e.g. as:,,
  • My boat needs extensive repairs. Can I submit it to your workshop?
    Yes, but depending on the extent of the repair, the repair may be too extensive to carry out as a "workshop visit", then we have to carry out the repair during winter storage with us instead. When you contact us and describe your case, we will get back with a proposed solution.
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